My name is Tom Boyce and I am a 17 year old photographer/videographer/designer living in Birmingham, UK. the idea of this blog is to make something everyday, and by doing so improve my skills and force myself to produce.  The work put up on here may not always be ‘portfolio standard’ because of various time constraints and the fact that most really good stuff takes a lot longer than a day, but I hope that the  best of it will be of a high enough standard to go up on my website showcasing my capabilities.  The process of pushing yourself to engage your brain and think of ideas everyday is actually really helpful and I would recommend it to anyone.

The inspiration for this came from a presentation by Nick Campbell (AKA Grey Scale Gorilla), one of my favourite motion graphics artists. It really changed my mindset when it comes to creative work and I’ve taken a lot of the advice he gives in this video onboard.


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